The underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore

La stravagante tomba del fornaio Eurisace
Settembre 4, 2017

The underground Basilica of Porta Maggiore

The underground Basilica was discovered on April 23rd 1917; during the works for the Railway Viaduct that today is over it. For its three naves structure, like the ones of the subsequent Christian Churches, this pagan Basilica is a unique monument in the Western World.

It was born as an underground building and was probably connected to the Neopitagoric cult that spread in Rome during the age of Emperor Augustus. According some scholars the structure was built by Tito Statilo Tauro who committed suicide in 53 A.D. not to suffer the shame to undergo a trial with a charge to be a magician, accused by Agrippina, Nerone’s mother.

The legend of the Basilica construction and the precious stuccos telling mythological stories tied by a thread on the destiny and lives of mysterious souls roads with Zeus, Medea, Giasone, Saffo contributed to increase the mystery and magic that even today you can find in this Basilica.